Can I do Svaroopa® yoga even if I'm not flexible?

Yes! In fact, you don't need to be flexible to do yoga. Flexibility is a result of yoga! And, Svaroopa® yoga supports you where your body is, not where you think it should be. And, the rest will come. Please note that it is required that you are able to get up and down off the floor unassisted for classes. If you cannot, it is recommended you start with Private Sessions first.

Is Svaroopa® yoga for beginners?

Yes! And, it is for the experienced practitioner, as well! Because Svaroopa® is so easy to learn and reliable for opening the body in ways not found in other styles of yoga it is suitable for all levels. In fact, there are several levels of classes from Beginner, Continuing to Deeper classes –  a Mixed Level class may also be available depending on the level of students in a class. Depending on your teacher's level of training, some or all of these classes may be offered.

What is with all those blankets?

There is this amazing phenomenon called the "blanket". It is plaid and plush and can support you in your yoga practice almost perfectly – it is the primary prop in Svaroopa® yoga – used for the most reliable changes in your body. Imagine…which is easier? Softening into a fluffy blanket or a hard block?

How often should I attend class to see results?

As often as you'd like! You can start with one or more classes per week. Many students feel changes after their first class! However, if you find that classes are not giving you what you need, you may want to try Yoga Therapy in private sessions. You may find that this gives you the extra boost your body needs to work through deeper tensions.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a one-on-one session with your teacher. It is a way of getting the yoga into your body at a faster pace. Yoga therapy is recommended if you are in pain, dealing with a medical condition, cannot easily move or get up and down off the floor or just want to move through deeper issues in your body and/or mind faster than a class would provide.

Is Svaroopa® yoga a gentle yoga?

No. While Svaroopa® yoga is deceptively easy, it is not considered a "gentle" yoga style. You must be able to get up and down off the floor unassisted and move around to keep up with class. If you cannot, you will get better results from working one-on-one in Private Sessions or finding another yoga class suitable to your needs.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me!